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What is Shechem?

We believe we have been called together by God as a group of people to be a 'City of refuge' that actively shares the experience of refuge, refreshment, renewal and acceptance. As the Shechem Christian Community, though dispersed across the UK, we aim to live out the values of 'Shechem' to those around us.

Our community takes the name of one of the original 'Cities' of Refuge' in the Old Testament. These cities of refuge were open to all Israelites, strangers and visitors. They provided a safe place for those seeking refuge from a variety of pressures. 

What does this mean in practise? We want to show God's love to those around us through our actions, extending grace, and accepting people as God's children. Shechem members believe in the authority of the Bible and the loving power of the Holy Spirit. We each try to express these beliefs and our purpose through living out the Shechem Rules of Life

When the community gets together for the annual weekend camp or national meetings, it is a time of peace and care, but also celebration and fun! 

Please browse around the site using the menu to the left to find out more about us. Perhaps read some of our foundations & background, or read reports of previous weekends

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What is Shechem
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