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Sample programme

The programme for the 2011 Shechem Weekend looked something like this. This should serve to give you an idea of some of the activities that we enjoy together at our annual get togethers. Our programme will look a bit different, with more smaller meetings (based loosely on the monastic prayer cycle), as we will not be having a guest speaker.
FridayEveningShort gathering to commit weekend to God
SaturdayMorningTent decoration and preparations
 13:00-14:30Bring & Share lunch + icebreaker activity
 AfternoonFree time
 16:45-17:30Welcome, introduction and all age worship
Worship and teaching
Young People's activity (in previous years, these have included pizza, pudding, games, etc.)
Sunday08:00-09:00Big breakfast in marquee
Worship, teaching and activity sessions
Young People's activities
 AfternoonPhysical exercise (all-age sports?) plus optional activities
 17:00-17:30Shechem AGM
Worship, teaching and ministry
Young People's activities
Monday10:00-11:15Worship and teaching
Young People's activities
 11:45-13:00Show-n-tell, communion and blessing
 AfternoonOptional activities plus prayer walk
 EveningA final night of fun - a barn dance, and some entertainment including 'Sing-a-long with Hammad'
(We have done special activities for this final night such as a talent show, bizarre sketches, barn dances, etc in previous years.)
Activities on offer in 2011 included cake making, Taizé worship, pottery decoration, self-defence, a prayer walk, open informal (musical) worship, Godly play, a juggling workshop and rhythmic communal singing from South Africa! These activities are run by members of the community. If you have any particular skill, knowledge or enthusiasm that you'd like to share (particuarly that others in the community might enjoy too), please do!
Sample programme
draft programme
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