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Cost & Bookings

Shechem camp

What does the Shechem weekend cost?

The cost covers Friday evening to Tuesday morning and includes all optional activities and the BBQ. 
  Before 01/04/12 After 01/04/12
Family £185 £210
Adults £80 £90

(under 19 & still in full-time education)
£25 £30
We are anxious not to exclude anyone on the grounds of cost alone. We urge anyone to get in touch if they want to come but find these charges are a barrier. Equally, if you are able to make an additional donation, this be would be gratefully accepted. 
And if you’d rather not come for the whole weekend, a single “taster” day is possible for a donation of £10-15.


Please complete the booking form below and send it to Eleanor (whose details are on the form) with payment as soon as you can and by 30 April at the very latest.
Cost & Bookings
shechem camp
shechem weekend
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