Rule of Life

As part of a Christian Community that seeks to be a City of Refuge, whether together at camp, or dispersed across the UK, members of Shechem aim to express their beliefs and purpose through living out the following Shechem Rules of Life:


TreeWe believe we have been called together by God as a group of people. The ‘Shechem’ Community helps us to:-

  • be nurtured and accepted
  • feel a sense of belonging
  • feel welcomed and accepted
  • find a place of refuge where we can be vulnerable

The rule of life to which we all assent helps us to live out our Purpose and gives us:-

  • rhythm and order in our lives
  • a way of keeping open to hearing God and offering our lives to him
  • a way of being accountable to each other
  • an expression of what binds us together

The Rule.

We commit ourselves to live, as best we can, by the following:-

  • Regular prayer and study
  • Regular prayer for other members
  • Involvement in our local Christian community
  • Endeavouring to foster a sense of community where we are
  • Giving priority to meeting together with other members
  • Offering acceptance and welcome to others
  • Express God’s love to all, and especially to those in need of refuge from hurt or injustice
  • Giving priority to relationships over structures or reputation
  • Relating our faith to the whole of life
  • Living a responsible lifestyle that thoughtfully cherishes creation