Storied World of the Bible

Back in October 2018, Shechem London met to look at what we should do together. We decided to study the online lecture course by N.T. Wright, “The Storied World of the Bible.” On several Saturdays from December 2018 to July 2019, differing numbers of us met to study, listen to Tom Wright’s lectures, answer some of his questions, and generally to try to make sense of Wright’s often dense unpacking of what the Bible has to say.

Annual Weekend 2019

As we were unable to go to the House of the Open Door in the Cotswolds, this year was a DIY weekend at the home of Michael and Sonia in Shropshire. Many thanks to them for accommodating us. We were not doing the decorating but did have a great time together, sharing, catching up and learning from God’s word. Some stayed in the house, some camped in the garden (in tents, campervans or caravan) and some stayed in local B&Bs. The theme for the weekend was Living Out The Sermon

“Living @ God’s pace” Weekend

Friday evening of August Bank Holiday weekend saw some twenty or so Shechem members gather at the House of the Open Door near Broadway, a Roman Catholic retreat house which had its origins in the renewal of the 1970s when a family opened their home in Slough and the life of the community began. There were many reminiscences of the beginning of Post Green. The community today owns a beautiful retreat house with buildings grouped around a lovely courtyard with a fishpond providing a great sense of tranquillity.

Review of the year

From the Shechem AGM...

We’ve had two births. Some members have had difficulties with their health. Debbie and Abi are both engaged. On August 2nd Debbie Brill and David Bye were married at Easthampton Registry Office in Bracknell. Witnessed by a select gathering of immediate family and close friends they made sincere, thoughtful and meaningful vows. Simple celebrations were held in their garden after the wedding on a glorious sunny day. Please pray God’s richest blessings on their life together!

National Day Group Feedback from ‘Handing on the Baton'

I think we all found Ian Bentley’s input to our gathering in Basingstoke extremely helpful. Ian’s own life journey into leadership had been influenced by people and incidents along the way. He had received and been grounded in the faith often by quite unlikely people. We saw how Paul’s nurturing and encouraging of the young Timothy is a pattern for us all in our churches and, in this case, in Shechem.

Holton Lee Update

Springtime is upon us, and our Shechem thoughts are moving towards our weekend gathering at the end of May. As a result of activity through the winter, we will see some changes.

For those who helped by digging out allotments behind the Art Studios, you may remember that the Horticulture Programme is focusing on high value crops e.g. asparagus beds, heritage vegetables, and increased fruit production. We supply some local food shops and surplus produce is used to make jams and chutneys.