Aside from our residential annual weekends (currently hosted by House of the Open Door), the community gathers together a few times a year for Regional Meetings to which all members, guests and those interested in our community life are invited. Activities usually include time to renew existing and make new friendships, share food and study on a particular topic or rule of life.

National days are a chance for the community to gather, usually on a Saturday to make it practicable for all regions to attend. Each gathering usually includes a time of worship, some input (often form an invited speaker) and breaking of bread. They also almost always involve food -- typically a shared lunch and then eating tea & cakes together!

Regional meetings are when we get together to simply enjoy time with each other, often with little more planned than a barbecue or fun on the beach. These are open to anyone. As Shechem members are located throughout the country, membership is currently spread into four regional groupings: London, Thames Valley, South West and South Coast. See if there is a regional meeting planned near you below.

Shechem Thames Valley BBQ

On the 14th July, we met in Marlow Bottom for a BBQ. In the afternoon it rained cats and dogs and when it ran out of those animals, it chucked in a few pigs as well! Fortunately, after coffee and chat, it was dry enough to have a ‘Woodland Walk’, followed by ‘cooking out’ and ‘eating in’!

Regional meeting

Shechem weekend 2009

I'm back from the weekend, I'm clean from the weekend, and my clothes are washed from the weekend, still tired from the weekend though!

After arriving at not long after midday on Friday, I found the usual troop of people ready to greet me, we chatted, erected tents, commented on the graffiti covering the tube, greeted others arriving, erected tents, commented on the graffiti covering the tube, then when others arrived we erected awnings, commented on graffiti covering the tube...

Annual weekend