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Weekend 2011 planning meeting

on Mon, 02/28/2011 - 18:17

Some Shechemites got together in January to get planning for the 2011 Shechem camp... now officially know as the 'Shechem weekend' to encourage guests to come who may not be so keen on camping! Here's a few key points to have come out of the meeting. You may be interested in some of these details if you want to find out more about how this year's camp will look.

  • Graham had produced a draft brochure; we agreed we were unable to formally offer creche (but should informally help where possible). James and Jen have a few friends coming who are able to help organise the youth work (split as reception to end of primary, and secondary). We cannot offer them payment but will provide food, tent, etc as required and pay travel expenses.
  • We need a registration form for all our children.
  • We discussed the name of the event and came up with ‘Shechem Weekend’ in an attempt to avoid putting people off with the ‘Camp’ word…
  • James would assist Graham in getting some pictures into the brochure.
  • We discussed costs; hopefully we are more likely to break even as Holton Lee’s costs are nearer to where they were a couple of years ago. We don’t want anyone to miss out because they can’t afford it and we gave guidance to Eleanor that she can negotiate with people the cost of attendance; and that the Exec should to be consulted in some cases.
  • Once the brochure was completed Roger would email it to members and it can also go on the Shechem website. (Ed. - this has been done!)
  • PA – Joe would liaise with Sally & others to try and avoid having to bring too much kit to camp.
  • We’d have an update from Holton Lee with the AGM sometime round 5pm on the Sunday of the weekend.
  • We were pleased that Howard Page-Clark was able to join us for the afternoon. We discussed the input and our wish for it to be a jumping off point to encourage us to work on ourselves over the weekend. We liked the Mon morning feedback time.
  • A draft programme was agreed.
  • Musicians: we discussed who may be around & up for taking part in playing in the worship band. Emma, Sally, James and Bob were all available to lead worship. James would coordinate. Question: what sort of musicians will the children’s work want?
  • Non-musical worship: we mustn’t neglect prayers, words, poems. How can our worship reflect our values and not be simply imported from other places?
  • Is there anyone who could offer a drama on Jesus’ breakfast with his disciples in John 21?
  • Mon night: we don’t currently have a caller for a barn dance. Suggestions are needed. We want something that gives people motivation to stay until it’s happened!
  • Possible activities, mostly for the Sun/Mon afternoons:
    • Food making
    • Taize music – perhaps then use this in the Mon worship?
    • Drumming workshop
    • Pottery (Sun morning)
    • Could we do something for or with Holton Lee?
    • Prayer Walk
    • A session on running godly play
    • Sports (someone is needed to organise this)
  • Prayer rota: Jenny offered to organise this and we thought it might be good to pass it on to the next person in the rota rather than just leaving the rota in a fixed location.
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