Shechem Weekend 2010 – Discovering the Kingdom

Howard Page-Clark will be speaker at the annual weekend camp and as he knows us we will be looking for him to provide fresh insights and help us to think of things in a different way. We want to use Liturgy, some from the National Day, as a ‘drum beat’ at points during the day throughout the weekend.

Sports day lineupYounger people (20’s) are counted as part of adults and aim to start leading elements of the weekend. After multiple requests, we had no volunteers for overall responsibility for the children/youth programme. So we need to amend the programme to cope with this and have open sessions that everyone can join with, or work on the basis that parents look after children. So we plan for Howard to speak for 15 – 20 minutes to get us thinking and then we will be able to do various creative activities to express ideas we may have.

Frank and Jenny  are coordinating these activities so please let them know what you can offer: if you have a favourite hobby, skill or ability, this is your chance to let others share and enjoy it. Here is a list of possible suggestions (circulated earlier by email):

  • Flower arranging (Small table type done by each person)
  • Bread making (bake in Farmhouse / Holton Lee)
  • Music including Guitar
  • Praising God in foreign languages (the parable could be read in other languages, Lord’s Prayer)
  • Listening to each other (led by someone who has done Acorn Listening )
  • Drama: simple sketch on parable, hints on drama in worship
  • First Aid (to illustrate ‘and bound up his wounds’ or similar!)
  • Julian / Taize prayer
  • Dance, including Street Dance
  • Pottery Painting
  • Other family crafts/Messy Church? e.g. Art, Card Making, Jewellery
  • Photography
  • Creative writing and poetry
  • Art and drawing
  • Discussion
  • Walk in the countryside
  • Collecting articles from the local environment
  • Meditation and prayer
  • Imaginative recreation of Bible stories
  • Godly ‘play’
  • Haki sack


I hope you all received in the post your Weekend brochure and have been filling in the booking form to send to Eleanor. Do invite your friends - the more the merrier - and Graham has some spare brochures if anyone would like some. He will be there this year – good news! Of course, there are other opportunities and the Shechem weekend depends on everyone chipping in. Don't be bashful. We’re looking for people to:

  • Coordinate decorating the marquee
  • Run an ice-breaker game after the shared lunch on Saturday
  • Run some kind of party for the children on Saturday evening
  • Lead the Sunday evening time of ministry among the Shechem Community
  • Lead the Communion on Monday morning