Shechem weekend 2009

Holton Lee
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I'm back from the weekend, I'm clean from the weekend, and my clothes are washed from the weekend, still tired from the weekend though!

After arriving at not long after midday on Friday, I found the usual troop of people ready to greet me, we chatted, erected tents, commented on the graffiti covering the tube, greeted others arriving, erected tents, commented on the graffiti covering the tube, then when others arrived we erected awnings, commented on graffiti covering the tube...

Playing cards in a tentIn the evening we had a short meeting with some worship (unfortunately my singing isn't up to a lot so I had to give a large nod and a wink where people were meant to come in so we didn't have to listen to introductions more than 7 times). The yoof then went to the bird hide and chatted (quietly, of course). Later on the Friday night Meri arrived, which seemed to signal a trip to Tesco in Poole (though that became Asda as we couldn't find Tesco...).


I can't really say what happened on Saturday other than people arrived because my head decided to play silly games and I had to dozzzzzze at regular intervals... I do remember playing cards in the evening!

The youth of ShechemSunday was another sun-day, but felt strange because so many people left. We had the yoof tube photo, Newcastle and Boro got relegated, England won the cricket, and Jenson Button won another grand prix. The AGM was on Sunday too.. The yoof went to the pub in the evening.

Playing pool in the pub

Monday was again, a lovely day, my head was better so I was able to do more and even venture into the sun for extended periods of time in the evening, we were entertained by a variety of performances from a hole in my bucket to a hole in the economy, and street dancing to Jesus in the boat!

Speaking in the main tentIf anyone has any stories to tell about the weekend, anything I missed, any links to photo albums online then please send them to me and we'll try to make them available here.


Thank you everyone for a great weekend!

Matt Tarry