Shechem Thames Valley BBQ

Marlow Bottom
14th July 2010
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On the 14th July, we met in Marlow Bottom for a BBQ. In the afternoon it rained cats and dogs and when it ran out of those animals, it chucked in a few pigs as well! Fortunately, after coffee and chat, it was dry enough to have a ‘Woodland Walk’, followed by ‘cooking out’ and ‘eating in’!

As we ate, we had a nostalgic time watching the video of Post Green Camp 1987. “Oohs and Aahs” as we saw the young versions of ourselves of 23 years ago – slim, natural colour hair, enthusiastically taking part in the activities, apart from the mandatory go-kart race. 

There was some sadness over those who for a number of years had been a part of our lives for an intensive week or two each year, but were no longer so for various reasons. Nevertheless, it was good to remind ourselves of the roots of ‘Shechem’ arising from Post Green. 

There were also ‘Ooh and Aahs’ over photos of Jenny Lyndsell’s wedding – the bridegroom James, and Jenny’s brother Robert, scrubbed up well, as did Kathie! We think Graham was probably working in the loos!

James & Jenny's wedding

We heard from Mark of his attendance at the Edinburgh Conference on ‘Mission’, 100 years after the 1910 one held there. (Mark was not at that one!). In 1910, most attendees were male, ordained, and from the West, but this year the numbers of men and women were roughly equal and from countries all over the world. It is thought that the days of huge Mission rallies are past and the emphasis is on the witness of the local church.

Emma brought us up to date with news from the last ‘Executive’. You will have recently heard that an autumn ‘National’ is being planned in Oxford, with future Camps as an important item for discussion. A degree is not essential for attendance!

The ‘National’ planned for March 2011 (exact date to be decided), will be hosted by Thames Valley and we started to think of a possible theme from the Shechem Rule of Life, but more information on venue and theme nearer the time.

We finished with prayer and tea and cake, which go together quite well.