Shechem LR at Egham

Sat 6th May
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A few Shechemites in Windsor Great ParkWe met at Graham and Kathie's for coffee, and were joined by Will, Bethan and Eliana to give us all a chance to meet each other before the HoD weekend!

Then off to the church building to see their newly opened hall -- looks like it has a lot of useful spaces, both big and small. Maybe we will use it for some future Shechem gathering...

Back to the Lyndsells for lunch: the usual Shechem fare (let's just say no-one went hungry...)

After lunch we were off to Windsor Great Park, for a nice walk (for those happy to walk).

Our rambling eventually ended up at the Punch Bowl in the Valley Gardens.

Then back for tea and departure. Thanks to Graham and Kathie for hosting!