Review of the year

From the Shechem AGM...

We’ve had two births. Some members have had difficulties with their health. Debbie and Abi are both engaged. On August 2nd Debbie Brill and David Bye were married at Easthampton Registry Office in Bracknell. Witnessed by a select gathering of immediate family and close friends they made sincere, thoughtful and meaningful vows. Simple celebrations were held in their garden after the wedding on a glorious sunny day. Please pray God’s richest blessings on their life together!

Discovering the Kingdom (last year’s camp) went well & suited people’s style.

Shechem on sea at Hove- a few paddled and it rained - Bank holiday this year to be in Shropshire.

Oxford - discussion on camp in Oct. We’ve since negotiated on the price for field so camp possible; but we need to keep inviting people!

Jenny and James’ wedding - good event with a beach footwear theme.

Work party in October and a good amount of stuff achieved.

The “Community Reunion” in Sept was a good chance to catch up and meet people.

March- passing on the baton - how to hand things on and to let them go.

The website is up and running thanks to James & Abi.

Mark has produced a cycle of prayer-using the same prayers to help us belong together- to go on the website and feedback to be sought.

Exec Membership - Bob and Frank to stand down; Frank was re-elected but Bob wanted to stop – he was thanked for all his work. New members to be approached (Ed: Joe Jackson has since been co-opted).

AOB - We need a name for who we are that is not Rally or Camp: any ideas to Roger. Linda has handed over the prayer e-mails after several years of faithfully doing them - the Staddons to take over. Thanks given to Frank, Graham and Kathy.

Suggestions for helpers for youth work are needed for 2012.

Holton Lee update - Respite-good environment beneficial, a garden project, new labyrinth, lots of volunteers, still making a loss, exciting new things, new barn short of usage, starting to run retreats which need to be advertised.