Reflection on the 2014 Weekend

House of the Open Door
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For me the weekend began with a long drive after moving house all day, followed by putting my tent up in the dark. At this point the idea of waking up in time for an 8.30 breakfast was not an attractive one, but as soon as I walked into the dinning room and saw the smiling faces of all those lovely Shechemites I was a happy man again.

Food always plays an important part in any Shechem gathering, and we were really spoiled by the guys at House of the Open Door. Every meal was both huge and very tasty, and the volunteers accommodating and helpful. They also gave us lots of tea and coffee and biscuits with which to chat over.

All the teaching and other sessions gave us a great opportunity to unpack what it means to live our lives at God’s pace. Ed and Emma talked to us about living, working and leading a church in London and looking to God to know when to run and when to rest. Mavis and Mark O gave us resources and bible passages to help us, and Jen and James led us through a session of sharing thoughts, quotes, images and scripture that spoke to us about following God’s pace.

We had a great trip to a local church, where we were welcomed into a lovely service and even treated to a rendition of Toccata and Fugue from their organist. We also went to a village fete and the flower show, and some of us sampled the local brews at the pub too.

A great weekend with amazing people, lovely food, and a fantastic time to worship, pray and learn together.