Looking Forward to Shechem Weekend

Our theme this year at Shechem weekend is ‘Food for the Body, Food for the Soul’. I know I am very much looking forward to our weekend together this year and a theme involving food seems just so in keeping with us as a community.

Our speaker this year - Howard Page-Clark - has been planning already and after to-ing and fro-ing a good deal (because there is such an abundance of riches from which to choose) has suggested we base the four sessions on the following passages, most of which are from John's gospel:

1) Genesis 18:1-15  - Abraham entertains 'three men'
2) John 4:4-35  - Jesus has a different sort of lunch
3) John 13:1-15  - The disciples prepare a supper which Jesus hijacks
4) John 21:2-19  - Jesus cooks breakfast for his disciples

Emma Openshaw