Holton Lee Update

Springtime is upon us, and our Shechem thoughts are moving towards our weekend gathering at the end of May. As a result of activity through the winter, we will see some changes.

For those who helped by digging out allotments behind the Art Studios, you may remember that the Horticulture Programme is focusing on high value crops e.g. asparagus beds, heritage vegetables, and increased fruit production. We supply some local food shops and surplus produce is used to make jams and chutneys.

We also want to extend our growing season and protected working space and have been given a commercial scale greenhouse to add to the polytunnels already in use. 

The Greenhouse at Holton LeeThe Greenhouse – kindly donated by the Lulworth Estate – is 50ft x 20ft (you won’t miss it!) and will help treble the amount of indoor space we have in the Ashtree Cottage Garden for growing and expand our Horticulture Therapy programme.

The Labyrinth at Holton LeeAnother addition will be a Labyrinth, just behind the Farmhouse, which is currently being surfaced after weeks of design and trials to ensure that it is navigable in a wheelchair.

Later this year (13-17th July) Holton Lee will host the second Connect event which is likely to be bigger than last year.

Very soon, 8-10th April we are running a retreat, "My Beloved Child" for a mixture of resident and non resident guests (some from the Church we attended in Bristol). Our Spiritual Directors for the weekend are Jodi Page Clark and Els Jolly. Please pray that the Holy Spirit moulds this to God's desires, so that this can be a model for many other retreats at Holton Lee.

Frank Litchfield