Daily Prayer

A Rhythm of Prayer for the community



You can access the prayer for each day using the links above or you can download a PDF version for the whole week here.

Our prayer for the week is based on Psalm 46 and draws on the wider life and commitments of the Shechem Community. Each day’s worship can take 5 minutes or 50 minutes as you choose and can be combined with your normal pattern of prayer and Bible study.


  • The ‘focus symbols’ and the readings are only suggestions. Please use what is most helpful to your own time with God.
  • You can use the prayer alone or with others.
  • In the section when you pray for the Shechem Community you can use the list of members circulated by email each month.
  • Sections of the Shechem Rule of Life appear at the foot of each page for your reflection. 


Photos of scripture and a tree, followed by the text 'Life Rule: Regular prayer and Bible study; Regular prayer for other members'