2010: Discovering the Kingdom

Holton Lee
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Caravans in the field at Holton LeeAs the May bank holiday rolled around we all made our way happily to the field for another Shechem weekend camp, which kicked off with the sight of Bob, dressed in a sheet, waving a feather duster around, in an illustration of the parable of the lost coin.  It was good to be back.

This year the talks were provided by Howard and Jodi Page-Clark, and it was great to see them again at the weekend and spend time with them.  They spoke about the Kingdom of God, and Jodi made a lovely prayer area in the Barn with photos of members of the community.  We also met Allie, a local curate, and her four daughters, who came along to help out with the youth. 

On the Saturday evening Allie entertained the youth with some "Godly play" – games and activities with a biblical flavour.  We had fun, food, and some very impressive dancing from one of the children.

There was more food Sunday morning, with the cooked breakfast.  I wasn’t well, and missed it, but given that all the food was gone by the time I turned up, I think we can safely assume it was a good meal!

Joe with his drumThere were plenty of activities that day, including pottery painting, first aid, and train spotting.  The highlight had to be Jobey’s Samba band – a bunch of us gathered in the main tent holding an assortment of pots, pans, and random pieces of debris.  Over the next hour or so we were shaped by Jobey and Abi into a band, able to play a variety of samba rhythms and stop on instruction from our conductor.

During the weekend we caught up with old friends – the foreshore, the horses, the tube... We were saddened to see that the tyre swing has gone though!

The weather was mostly pretty good – even staying sunny long enough for a game of rounders one afternoon!  The nights were cold, but hopefully everyone had enough blankets to be comfortable.

On the last night we had the traditional BBQ and cabaret – this year the Samba band performed, as well as some sketches (including Hubby and Wifey, by request), some readings, and live music.  We have a talented bunch of people at our weekends!

We had the AGM, and some rather important questions about the future of Shechem and the annual weekends were raised.  After a long discussion in the meeting we got into buzz groups to discuss things further during the afternoon.  

The Shechem youth gathered on the concrete pipe on the Holton Lee fieldThis year’s camp weekend was a fairly quiet affair, we were missing some of our usual members, including several youth who were sitting exams, and both Abi and Jenny were ill for a large part of the weekend. 

Despite this it was a good weekend, a lovely time to catch up with friends and to relax in familiar and comforting surroundings.

Abi Orr